UKash Bingo Sites

UkashAlong with Paypal, Ukash is probably the most popular ways of making deposits and withdrawals to bingo sites in the UK.

The idea behind both of these companies is that they act as a go-between for you and the bingo site so that you do not need to reveal your bank details to them in order to make or receive a payment. However, the main difference between them is that payments are made in slightly different ways.

With Paypal you authorise them to withdraw the relevant funds and pay the website on your behalf. With Ukash you purchase a voucher for the amount of money that you would like to spend and then exchange this voucher for goods or services with the site you want to pay.

Below is a selection of my favourite Ukash bingo sites:

  1. Comfy Bino
  2. Winner Bingo
  3. Buttercup Bingo
  4. King Jackpot
  5. Bingo Liner
  6. Dream Bingo
  7. Bgo Bingo
  8. Sun Bingo
  9. Jackpotjoy
  10. Betway Bingo

More Information About Ukash

You can purchase Ukash vouchers from any one of the 420,000 retailers in the world who sell them, in particular any shop with an “epay” logo in the window. Alternatively, any petrol station or supermarket that has the PayPoint logo will allow you to purchase Ukash. Purchasing Ukash online is less common but does sometimes occur. The main benefit of using Ukash is that it is far safer and means that you do not have to give out any of your bank details on the internet. This helps you to avoid the risk of falling prey to a fraud, either because you are depositing to a fake bingo site or because the security of your computer has been compromised.

Despite only having been founded in 2001, Ukash is accepted at almost every bingo site that is open to players from the UK. They are licensed and regulated in the UK as a provider of financial services online which gives you the assurance that if Ukash were ever to become bankrupt or fail to honour its commitments to you then your money would be guaranteed by the UK government up to a very high amount. Another benefit of using Ukash is that they are an international company and Ukash is accepted and sold at outlets around the world in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia. Furthermore, the number of countries where it is possible to access Ukash is only likely to increase making your life more convenient.

In the UK, the company also has the added prestige of having received a Queen’s Award, an award given only to a very small number of UK-based businesses, for its contribution to facilitating international trade.

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